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GLOW celebrates women through unique pieces that are not meant to complement a look, but rather tell a story.

Majd Assaf

About Majd

Hello, I am Majd, the designer behind Glow. Thank you for choosing to enter my world.

I am many things, but first I am a woman who loves to wear jewelry to express my state of being. In fact, that's how my brand was born.

Every woman has many facets; she can be fierce and wild at times, but also gentle and caring at others. She can be powerful and strong, but also delicate and sensitive. Sometimes, she might wake up wanting to share her glory with the world; and at other times, well, she just wants to impress herself. That's me, and that's every woman, and I have created my collections to fit every single one of our moments as women.









What They Say

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Shahad Ballan 

I am Shahad al Ballan, I met Majd the mother and the wife before meeting the designer. When I wear Majd's pieces I feel like I belong to them as much as they belong to my heart. Glowdiamonds is not only the inspiring combination of gold and diamonds but also the union of devotion, passion, and love.


Nada Al Shaibani

I am Nada Alshaibani, TV Presenter, media consultant and producer. In my line of work, I must adopt different personalities to facilitate communication and lead my teams effectively; Glowdimonds pieces are the only jewellery I put on during my day that genuinely reflects who I am.

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Hanadi Jaber 

I am Hanadi Jaber, presenter, producer, and media personality. Majd Assaf was the person who changed my perspective and outlook on jewellery and its importance in expressing who we are. Glowdiamonds pieces are designed exclusively and every single one has a story and set of emotions behind it. 

Thank you, Majd

Unique Collections 

 Quality that will outlive many generations

Custom Made for you 

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