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GLOW celebrates women through unique pieces that are not meant to complement a look, but rather tell a story. Every design is thoroughly researched, carefully sketched, and masterfully crafted to embody finesse, luxury, and timeless elegance.


Uncompromising quality, intricate details, and flawless finishings make the GLOW signature with bold standout jewelry that cater to every woman's desire and flatter her looks, from casual daily outfits to sophisticated and glamourous gowns.


Every diamond, pearl, and gemstone is handpicked and molded with 18-carat gold to make eclectic collections that inspire art and creativity.


Browse our wondrous selection of stunning pendants, glorious necklaces, custom-made bracelets and fashion-forward rings and select your own treasured keepsake that can be handed down through generations.

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Hello, I am Majd, the designer behind Glow.

Thank you for choosing to enter my world.


I am many things, but first I am a woman who loves to wear jewelry to express my state of being. In fact, that's how my brand was born.


Every woman has many facets; she can be fierce and wild at times, but also gentle and caring at others. She can be powerful and strong, but also delicate and sensitive. Sometimes, she might wake up wanting to share her glory with the world; and at other times, well, she just wants to impress herself. That's me, and that's every woman; and I have created my collections to fit every single one of our moments as women.


Although I have inherited my passion for jewelry making from my grandfather, you have been my inspiration since 2004, wherever you might be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and beyond.

Glow is my craft, my way of expression. It is not only my story, it's also yours.


Reveal your true self, with your flaws and qualities. Believe that you deserve to look your best at all times through bespoke pieces that are imperfectly perfect, just like we are.


Wear your glow with pride and feel exceptionally beautiful, keeping in mind that you're a star... and every star is meant to GLOW.



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